Anthony Smith





Anthony Smith is a veteran of the music industry having
toured extensively in Australia & internationally.

Anthony spent a number of years portraying Brian May in a popular
Queen Tribute Show & Scotty Moore & James Burton in a
well known Elvis show.

As well as Jericho, Anthony currently plays Billy Gibbons in
the Brisbane based ZZ Top tribute show.







Geoff Taylor





Jericho founding member Geoff Taylor has over 25 years
in the music industry as a bass player and singer.


Geoff also spent 2 years portraying Bill Wyman in an Australian
Rolling Stones Tribute show and currently portrays
Dusty Hill in the Brisbane band ZZ Top tribute show. Geoff
also provides the powerful male vocal in Jericho.








Matt Owen is the solid driving force behind Jericho.
Matt is the original drummer of the band and after
taking a break from the live music circuit for a while,
matt has jumped back into the drivers seat to deliver the
unmistakable Jericho sound.