Jericho was formed in 2008 by Geoff Taylor. Having been playing in a duo called Toybox since 2005, some changes in family circumstances meant that Geoff's wife Sarah could no longer continue to be on the road. So Geoff set about finding a new duo partner and creating a fresh new duo. He came up with the name Jericho based on two things. A TV show of the same name and the name of a Queensland outback town. He liked the sound of the name and decided Jericho would be the name of the new Duo.


After placing a few ads, Geoff met with Jase Byrne. Geoff and Jase joined forces and Jericho duo was in business. For the rest of 2008, Jericho played as a duo in many clubs and hotels. Toward the end of 2008, Geoff and Jase decided they wanted to move to a band situation. So they set about finding a drummer. In february 2009, Matt Owen joined the band as Jericho's first drummer.

Then a bass player was needed and the first bass player for Jericho was Lee "The Bone" Bruce. Although Lee was only in the band for a very short time, he is still hailed as the originla Jericho bass player. Lee was replaced by "Wazza" or "The Waz" as we like to call him. That too was a short lived position and Jericho eventually settled down as a three piece outfit with Geoff moving from Rythym guitar to bass.


This incarnation of Jericho lasted for quite some time and over the space of 18 months saw them play over 50 shows at the Shamrock hotel in Toowoomba. In June 2010, the band took the longest road trip to the NSW town of Tibooburra. It was an 18 hour drive home but the experience will last a lifetime.


In November 2010, the band performed for the Cunnamulla Fella festival over two nights. Another great time was had and another feather in the cap of Jericho.


By January 2011, Matt had decided to take a break from drumming and Jericho was on the lookout for a replacement. Billy Bakos came in for a while to take over on the skins. Then a few random fill in drummers sat in for shows here and there until finally in late 2011, Leigh Doolan joined the band and gave the band a big rock sound that had been missing since their last permanant drummer Matt had left.

Moving forward to Easter 2012 and circumstances in everyones lives were changing. At this stage, Geoff decided he needed to put Jericho in hiatus for a short time and decide what he wanted to do with it. He continued to pick up a few band gigs here and there with a few different people. Anton Harris (Drums), Chris Timms (Guitar), Stuart Milton (Drums), Chris Staff (Guitar), Murray O'Shea (Guitar) and eventually Jase came back for a while on guitar again. Late 2012 Geoff was presented with an opportunity to manage a tribute band. So he decided to take it on and wind down the Jericho band work for a while.


New Years Eve 2012 saw the original 3 piece lineup of Jericho perform together for the last time. Geoff continued to do duo shows with verious people including Jase, and the odd band gig with whoever was available. Fastforward to late 2013 and Geoff together with Matt Owen decided to make a reincarnation of Jericho. This time with Matt playing bass and Geoff on rythym guitar once again. They scouted out drummer Matt McRae from Tria Mera and guitarist Anthony Smith. A few shows were played and in November 2013, Matt withdrew from the band due to work committments. So Geoff decided it was time to revamp Jericho and give it a whole new lease on life.


Being tired of playing the same old pub rock for the last 20 years, Geoff decided that if there was going to be a change, it needed to be drastic. It was time to find a rock chick singer to front the band and enable the band to move from being a pub rock band to become a pop rock band. Enter Julia Magnus. A formiddable singer in her own right and a whole new lease on life for Jericho.


Matt McRae, due to his committment to his originals band Tria Mera was replaced by permanant drummer Stuart Milton, but Matt still remains as our permanant fill in guy which has been very helpful.


In March 2014, Jericho hit another speed bump and reverted back to a 3 piece band upon parting with singer Julia. 

So the band is currently looking at other options but continuing on in its original 3 piece format for now.